About Us

Punkin Center Gin is ran by Al Crisp and wife Kasha. Taegan Allen Crisp (Tac) came along in December of 2009 and Ainsley Grayce arrived in December of 2011. Between raising kids and working at  the gin, we are here for the long haul! 

Al has worked in a gin since he was 14 years old and has now owned Punkin Center for 12 years. He can tell you just about anything you want to know about a cotton gin- unless it has to do with your paperwork, and then you'll need to talk to Kasha. Whatever your needs, we'll do our best and work to ensure that you get great service. Come see us or give us a call!!

Punkin Center GinPh-  806-489-7477
906 CR H806-489-7599
Lamesa, TX 79331Fax-806-489-7905
Email Us: Kashacrisp@hotmail.com